The Eternalite

Chapter 2 (part)

Wind blew past him at a fast pace…

While the landscape was beautiful – Jeffery was currently more attentive to holding on for his life. Holding onto the back of the Jeep – he did his best to distract himself with something else.

In the distance a sunset began to overtake a mountainside. Lush green wildlife filled a distance mountain while lone Acacia trees covered the flatland that stretched in front. He even spotted a couple gazelle in the distance. Wind blew contrary- he began to wonder at the landscape and how gorgeous it was when jolt awoke him from his gaze.

“Sorry [in swahili]!” Rudo spoke behind him and the wind carried his voice.

How much longer? He wondered.

“Only twenty minutes…” Sari spoke to him, trying to reassure him.

He would have found the timing of a response funy- if he weren’t completely sick to his stomach. He wasn’t exactly built for enduring any sort of physical excursions like this. To Jeffery- twenty minutes was a lifetime.

“Just hang in there!” Seth said laughingly. Jeff sort of wanted to punch him, despite somewhat being friends. He wondered if he’d feel the same had he been the old Jeffery.

Jeff had leaned forward for a while now. He’d sometimes get a glimpse of the landscape but the angle didn’t allow for much else.

Despite being sick to his stomach- he tried to think positively- ok- once he got the village everything would be good again. He’d have fun with the locals, make new friends- do something with his time helping and…

He lost his train of thought when he felt his stomach lurch, he was going to throw up for sure.

And… and… -eventually the jeep would stop!

Whoever he was- he learned one thing for sure- he had motion sickness…

Another twenty minutes finally passed when the jeep came to an abrupt stop. He couldn’t hold it in anymore and threw up right on the side from his face-down position alongside the back of the jeep.

He crouched down for a moment until he could feel himself regain his composure. Sari came from the back to his side while the rest of the caravan left him there.

She patted his back. He was sure that he was a sorry sight.

“thanks,” he tilted his head in her direction.

“you ok?”


He looked down for a bit as he crouched down. He noticed that the floor around him was simply yellow and dust covered. He finally looked up.


The first thing he noticed was an arid like landscape.

A monochromatic yellow: the color of dry grass and dirt. Little homes made of mud-brick and yellow straw on top. They were spread out in a sort of circle around a ravine.

One tree stood in the immediate distance. One acacia tree- and it was a sorry sight and a couple miles away.

From the mud-like bricks that formed the walls it seemed the village had been here for a while, but there wasn’t any source of food or water.

He looked around. Jennifer was currently escorting the lady to her home which turned out to be a house. Seth it seemed was already walking towards a uninformed destination. Sari after having patted him on the back looked backwards as she slowly walked towards the village.

A bunch of children rushed up to Rudo to which he responded by giving the lifting up the littlest one a hug. Whoever rudo was- it seemed he held good standing with the people.

“well guys,” Rudo spoke in Swahili, “here is Aren again…”

He watched Seth walk into the village talking to one of the older people with a reassuring smile. Sari too, meant to walk towards where Seth was.

He overheard Seth talk with an older man.

[in Swahili] “so, we’ll probably head on out to the farm later- we have some things to do before we go.”

The man gave a disheartened smile and nodded.

By the time they’d gotten there.

“Why is there a village here?” he asked as he caught up to Jennifer who was behind.

She looked at him and paused for a moment before turning back and offhandedly answering, “There used to be a river…”


“A river…” Jeff thought. From the looks of it, it must have been at least a couple years since it had dried up. He wondered for what reason the people stayed.

“Couldn’t they relocate?” He wasn’t trying to be mean- but honestly it seemed easier than this.

Jennifer looked back at Jeffery with a look of disinterest, “That’s what you all think isn’t it?”

Once again she walked back to the villagers without notice.

He rubbed his hand against his head. He wondered what he did to make her mad.

“So!” Seth spoke up looking at him, “this is it… what do you think?”

“Uh, I think it’s lacking essentials…” Jeffery returned.


“Seth spoke more upbeat, “no no no-obviously- not that! I meant culturally- are you surprised.”

Jeffery looked around. This time he tried to take in the culture a bit more. He looked at how the homes were made. While initially he only sees brick and straw. only brick and straw appearance – he notices the care and detail put into the design.

The homes seem like they’ve been there for a while- they seem well situated near a mostly dry canal inside of the middle. If there had been a working river, he could see how pleasant the village could be.

“Not bad right?” Seth returned.

Jess can only nod in assent, as he watches Seth ready the caravan for a return trip and some empty jugs.

“Sarah and myself are headed to return to town – fill up some water and then come back.”

Jeff nodded.

“You can do one of two things,” Seth spoke, “come with us – or hang out here with the locals and try and help that girl,” – Seth pointed to the direction that Jennifer left towards.

Jeff was certainly curious about Jennifer- however he wasn’t really sure if she wanted him there. She’d been giving him the cold shoulder ever since he’d met her. So he nodded to Seth, “yeah- let’s go.”

He hitched a ride back to town.

This time the caravan was lighter so Jeffery was able to relax on the trip. The wind blew through his hair as they travelled- the scenery took an even more majestic appearance. He noticed this time some of the wildlife stretching across the savannah.

He got lost in thought as he enjoyed the feeling of the trip. Suddenly his thoughts were jolted awake as Seth pumped up the radio on the caravan and Sarah lifted her hands up to the music as they started to sing and move her body to the music. Seth laughed as he watched Sarah’s shoulders moving up and down, Seth himself nodded and did some motions, drumming along the steering wheel.

Jeffery felt a tad uncomfortable- recognizing that Seth was driving a little shakily…

“Ah man,” Jeff scratched his head feeling the bumps a little more heavily in the road, “you almost passed the edge.”

“Dude,” Seth spoke as he turned the wheel even more- he did a complete spin off road and then got back on the road, “There’s literally nooo one around… relaaax.”

Once again, Seth seemed so knowledgeable to Jeffery.

Even still – Jeff’s queasy stomach lurched inside of him while they travelled along. Seth pulled along an even smaller side road that broke apart from the dirt road they were on. It was literally two tire tracks that stretched down into an unknown destination.

Jeff wondered where they were headed for a bit, but Sarah had already turned her head to the side in her own sort of daydream.

Seth upon looking in the rear view, smiled for a moment and looked back.

Jeff looked questioningly at Seth, “So… where are we going?”

Seth was silent, while Sarah turned around slightly with a small grin, “Jeff, have you ever been off road even once?”

It was obviously a metaphor, one which was supposed to hint at his life’s direction.

Jeff mumbled a little under his breath, but didn’t try and dispute the question.

“Ahaha- where’s your sense of adventure?” she said and turned back around once again bobbing to the music.

Jeff remained quiet afterwards, but was already feeling a bit worn down.

A few minutes later, however the car slowed its pace as they neared what looked to be a sort of watering hole.

“We’ve arrived,” Seth spoke.

Jeff looked around to see a little bit of overgrowth and a small pond below him. On top of the water, a little tree. It seemed like a little reprieve from the vast savannah.

“Is it safe?” Jeff asked first- considering the water was somewhat dark.

In response to this, Seth climbed partway up the tree and took off his shirt.

“I’m going in!” was heard, followed by a splash.

Sarah simply smiled and started to take off her own shirt. Of course she had a bra on.

Jeff wasn’t sure what they were doing here, but supposedly they were going to relax for a little while. Jeff figured he’d join in at least for a little, perhaps it was just a small excursion along the way. He took off his own shirt and decided to join in the swimming.

It had been probably half an hour before Seth started to feel awkward about being here.

“So are we going to go pick up the water soon?” he spoke.

Seth replied, “Eh- we have all day.”

Sarah had already started to sunbathe along the edge. She had a book in her hands and looked like she was planning on staying for a good minute.

Jeff decided to get out of the pool- he didn’t want to ruin the vibe, but he felt awkward staying here while there were people that needed the basic needs- he sat on the side waiting for Seth and Sarah.

Seth noticed but held off on any reservation. Sarah looked at him for a second before returning to sunbathing. A minute later Seth clapped his hands, “okay,” he spoke with his typical smile “let’s go.”

The ride to town was quieter- almost completely silent Jeffery wasn’t sure if he ruined the vibe somehow, he hoped that Sarah and Seth were still enjoying themselves, but there wasn’t anything to do about it now. Reflecting, he wondered if it was bad to want to go when they were at the pond, after all, supposedly they were here for two years. Was it wrong to spend an hour excursion when they had to work the rest of the time? Maybe Seth had made the best call by breaking off from the standard path.

“Don’t worry about it, man,” Seth spoke looking in the rearview. Jeffery realized he was probably thinking too much. The wind continued to blow through his hair and they continued to relax.

After another forty-five minute drive, they pulled to a stop at a local reservoir inside of the town.

“Alright,” Seth spoke, “We’ve made it then.”


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Hey there. I'm a 28 y/o aspiring author - looking to inspire youth and entertain the masses with fantastic stories. i enjoy travelling the world and understanding different ways of life- and my second dream would be to help others understand what it's like to live in different parts of the world- in the hopes that cultural exchange can open the eyes of those who've had theirs shut for so long.

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