Chapter 10

Michael looked at Jayden. It looked like he was trying to say something. But something was blocking him. He wondered if there was something else hindering him from speaking.

As natural as breathing and drinking water, “are you ok?”

Jayden just looked ahead, “sure i am!” and then smiled at Michael.

While the response would have been normal for a little girl or even just someone that was optomisitic, Jayden being optomistic kinda freaked him out. Like it wasn’t really him controlling the scene.

he wasn’t all there, even though phyiscally he was.

Anyway… he had to go. They’d requested him on another mission for trains and other things. Rage must have found him useful now that he’d been able to organize this.

Tech came to the hospital after hearing about Jayden.


Initially this was supposed to be a task for the doctors, but the .


While they regroup and get to spend time in recovery with Jadon after the mission, it allows for the group to get to know each other better.

Initially he seems fine, but he doesn’t seem himself.

Michael thinks something’s up with the commander of the underground regarding what he plans on doing to hurt people?

More war stuff. From general’s perspective.

General attacks on some fronts and takes over different territories. Pushing an all-out slow assault.



Insight to badguy, general. It was their plan to get the guy out of the thing, now they have a mole and let them get info on the underground.

I want an escalating battle. Like both sides are planning on doing a lot of damage. What’s his name wants to use terrorism, and the general is thinking about blitzkrieg strategy.



All of the crew were sore from the events. Michael was driving in the front with Jessica watching and her consecutively. But all of them made it. In  Sally’s arms was Jadon unconscious she brushed his hair. What did they do to him.

Tech wasn’t his spritely self, instead he looked out the window. Jessica looked in the back at Jadon and Sally. It was sad what the Allies had done to the group Jadon was with. Jadon being the only survivor, Sally wondered what he felt about it, and his responsibility to his group and if he’d ever be the same after the operation the did to his brain.

But her job was now to take care of her brother. She wouldn’t worry about revenge or even the Underground. They were twins. They’d always grown up together and now she had to take care of him to make sure he was better.


The drive was relatively quiet. After the initial chase.  Tech seemed to want to do something, he kept looking at her. Eventually he spoke up,

“I’m not sure what they did to him.. but I’ll look into it,” he said.

“How can they justify operating on people like this?” Jess said.

Sally tried to be strong, but eventually she started to feel disheartened. She was tired, so she started to go to sleep.

Tech said, “I’ll make sure it’ll be ok for him and you.”

They got back to the base with the expectation of a little rest, however, upon arrival, they noticed it was busier than usual. A lot of people seemed to be busily going about and all the vehicles seemed like they were in preparation.

Michael put the vehicle in park as he got out of the vehicle “What’s going on here?” he asked someone working on a vehicle.

“There’s been a huge strike against some of the forts. It seems like they’re smoking out the towns to get to the underground,” the first person responded.

Michael got back to the car to tell the others, “It looks like the underground’s busy. You all should rest up while you can, they’re probably going to be a lot of activity soon.”

Michael had a thought about the attack, somehow it reminded him of an attack in Vietnam that he’d heard about in the history books, Tet offensive. And if he could find a way to use what he’d learned about history maybe he could use that to his advantage. He had an idea. He had to put away his feelings about Ragu and see if he could tell him.

Michael went up to Ragu’s office and knocked on the door. Nobody was in it and it was locked. He then went to the command and found Ragu busy giving orders on the counterattack strategy to try and push back the Allies.

During the next day, Michael approaches the hospital ward to check up on Jadon, as well as feels justified in stopping the allies from their domination so tells Ragu his idea to stop them.


“Michael!”  Ragu said surprised as he saw him.

“I think I have a plan to the attacks,” he responded.

“Not right now. I’m busy with countering the attacks,” Ragu said, brushing off the less important surprise of Michael’s return.

“It’s about the trains,” Michael said.

“Yes. What about them.”

“Well, they’ve been comfortable, but if we take away their ability to regroup, we can start to gain the offensive.”

“ok then, I’ll bite, what do you have planned.”

“Let’s take out the train system.”


They get back to the base where the allies have ordered a large strike against a lot of different points based on the information. Michael suggests how to take care of the allies, (since they’ve over extended, it’s the best way to counter-offence through backdoor. They can attack crucial points that are unprotected. Trains.)


Vincent goes through training in sector two and gets assigned with the group planning to infiltrate the sector seven base and kill the general.

The bad guy negotiates with the general of 7.


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