Chapter 11

Vincent stood in front of the colonel of the Allied forces sector two. Another face watched him from the side; a face of someone he didn’t recognize. The eyes however reminded him of… something. The colonel spoke.

“You’ve risen through the ranks quite well,” he paused looking at the papers…  “and not without reason.”

Vincent stood at attention. You don’t realize I’m just waiting to bring this place down.

“it’s somewhat surprising to have found a candidate so apt and capable in only a little while, as if you’d been trained before.”

Vincent silently stood there.

“Regardless,” the commander said as he looked at Vincent with an inquisitive look, “We have a mission for you.”

“We’d like to put you on a special operations team, the pay is good. If you choose to accept we’ll give you more details.”

“Fine, whatever, as long as i’m not bored,” Vincent said nonchalant.


“hah, from anyone else, maybe I’d be offended, but I know you. This’ll be right in your bracket then, we’re going for a full on strike against the Underground base, we want you to join the special group of elite soldiers for the mission,”

An attack on the Underground, he thought, but responded indifferently “Sounds fine to me.”

“Good, Matthew, you have the makings of a good soldier.” the commander spoke, “Dismissed.”

Vincent saluted and left.

The man in the shadow, Raidess, turned his attention to the colonel as he spoke to him. Something about the young man reminded him of himself. He’d be interested in figuring out what.

“So, what do you think of him?”

“I think he’s an interesting case…”

“Well, his name is Matthew Robins,” the commander said, “ According to our records on him, his parents were both ‘addicts’ and he grew up in a broken home of the out limit slum. Somewhere in the abyss he found a way to make it in the military out of the crap. He shows a lot of promise.”

“What are his stats?”

“So far, he’s accelled above the rest of the class. While he seemed to have some difficulty from the start, he can how shoot like our best snipers. He shines in hand-to-hand combat and seems to have a unique talent for recognizing and avoiding difficult combat situations in the virtual programs.

“Within a month, if I don’t do something about it, he may have my job…” the colonel seemed to think of something, “Actually, he may be a good with the ‘specials’, even if he is a ‘pure’ he’d almost  be a good matchup against their hybrid abilities. And if you want someone to command them, with full functionality.”

“Really…” Raidess said more to himself than to the colonel. He decided to go back to the task at hand. “I’ll see how capable he is.”

“Anyway… let’s get back to the matter,” he continued, “we both know why I’m here.  I have a proposition for you. i know i’ve gotten you up in the ranks and we’ve had a good relationship since.”

“I like that idea.”

“Yes. The general of the sector seven had differing perspectives. I’d like to get him out of the way. As you know the council has agreed to elect a representative of the allies. While it hasn’t been officially declared, they have decided on it.”

“Good. We’ll finally be able to police the world the way it ought to be. Not to mention the profit margin would be highly.. profitable.”

“you’re my kind of man,” Raides said.

Vincent listened in to the conversation from a device that allowed him to hear through the wall.

So that’s the man that’s orchestrating all this, Vincent thought. He knew the colonel was working with someone.

He’d have the next day on leave due to his updated status. He’d see what he could learn about Raides.


The conflict in the west was turning in the favor of the allies. It seemed they were setting up the bases.

Rage had a headache trying to figure out what to do to take control of the situation.

A knock on the door got him out of his head. Michael, someone he liked as a soldier and hated as a person stood in front.

“hello sir.”

“Hey Michael. What are you here for?”

“I have an idea regarding the conflict with the Allies.”

“What is it Michael?” he knew better than to ignore good advice even if it was Michael, his arch nemesis.

“I know we don’t get along, but we both have the same desire… the success of the towns. And if we lose, my home will be subject to the control of the Allies, so I want to win.”

“yes, ok Michael. What’s your idea?”

“well, it’s simple really. The trade routes are the most crucial due to their overextending their resources. If we attack the train system, we can separate the bases. We can then work on starving out their bases.”

It actually seemed plausible… “Attack the train system…” It had been so engrained into the life of both the towns and the cities that it was a foreign concept that would ruin the economy NOT to have it.

“I’ll order the strike. You’ll take lead on this Michael since it’s your idea.”

“Yes, sir.”

Michael got together the group and told them the plan.

The plan would be to sabotage the train system by targeting key points that would take a while to repair.

If they could target the points along the map that covered the towns it would be harder for them to take charge of the area.

“Hey guys,” Michael spoke to the crew.



They prep for the mission by scouting out weak and entrance spots

Over the course of the next day they find the best place to attack and then get ready to strike.

Opportunity for them to spend time together finally. Michael and Jess work together on the same location and get to know each other a little more. Favorite color.  Home life.

Sally and Tech actually work together, Jadon volunteers on the project and he doesn’t want to pair up with people because of his emotional turmoil.  Sally and Tech kiss when they’re alone because tech sneaks it in saying last hurrah, may as well go for it.

The whole underground goes under an offensive strategy. Rebel groups try to attack the bases/sabotage to keep them from behind able to keep up with the intelligence about what’s actually taking place.

Michael and the gang make a game plan before they get ready to strike. The plan: get on a train and deactivate them before blowing up the stations.  However, it threatens to hurt a lot of people as a scheduled train fails to deactivate before going on tracks. It has ten minutes before the train will reach the explosion point and destroy everyone on board.

Michael, Jess, Jadon and Sally all rush to reach the train and stop it from running into the destroyed rubble

Ok so what they do is hijack an emergency vehicle, rush to the reach the train from the emergency side vehicle.

Michael somehow jumps onto the train and rushes to the conductor to stop it from inside while Jess helps him by giving him instructions or getting on board with him and getting stopped.

Michael fights through a load of guards or something, the first time anyone sees him fight. He kicks some ass- singlehandedly taking out three in hand to hand and then gets on the vehicle. Jess is surprised to see that he can fight.

When he gets on board of the train, he runs into a load of guards on board which he convinces to stop the train.  He runs on board to the front of it followed by slowing down the vehicle with the given instructions from tech and the train slowing down with seconds before it hits the explosion spot and wrecks the train. Everyone on board is brought to safety, Michael is hurt, and someone takes a picture of him which gets posted in the news of the people that saved the train, Michael and Jess get out and past the guards which try to chase him but he makes it out.

Michael ran to the front door of the train behind Jess, where Tech’s vehicle was waiting for them.

The guards from behind wanted to arrest them, but they get off before they can get caught and are the ‘unknown saviors’ of ‘train 247’.

Vincent saw on the news a cast about sector two getting attacked on the train system… and wondered if Jess was involved.

He was sitting in his old apartment room and was going to give a farewell to the runaway he had saved.

It had been two days since his leave and he returned to clean up his things before heading for the sector seven on mission as  part of the ‘reserves in action’ group. He needed to get back as soon as possible to warn the Underground of the impending attack.


Vincent returned to base after the two days of studying up on Raides, a lot of things happened. Now he would be going over his mission with the black ops specialist.


Vincent joins a black operations force which is ordered to do a surgical strike against the underground using key elements of the info on the base.

He communicates with tech to get info.

He overhears the general talking to a person that he looks up and learns about.


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