Chapter 12

Emotions were high.

Today was the big day for second strike.

Michael had earned the credibility – and the respect – of the group. While Vincent was still probably the best candidate that the Underground had – Michael was a close runner up.

Also he had the diplomatic nature that others looked to. While it could be said that Vincent was a good leader- perhaps Vincent was more of a loner than Michael.

Michael stepped up to the group inside of the hangar.

“Hey guys…” He spoke looking around. Since the few months that had passed since information was being gathered in the train system from Vincent and Jess going to the party- the information gathered had allowed the underground to prepare a full-on assault.

After having led a team into ANI territory and rescued Jadon in a seemingly hopeless situation- Michael had recieved more responsibility.

He’d been given command of this mission in fact…

While the plan was already given ahead of time- the group was responsible for any details and extra preparations necessary to complete the mission.

“Sup peeps,” said Michael to the crew as he approached them inside the hangar. They all gathered in the hangar in the morning.

“Sup Michael.” BM said.

Tech got the group some snacks from the cafeteria.

“You guys up to it?” Michael said.

“Let’s get it done,” Jess said.

They all put their hands in and said the words, “hiyaa…!”


Despite their not being liked by the commander Regaen, he recognized he ability of the group and now had promoted Michael to head of the group.

Michael gave the plan to the group and organized he coms.

It was their job to handle the train system while the rest of the Underground went on a full assault to different points.

The schedule listed was what it was they’d gathered enough info to attack the trains and sabotage the main form of transportation. The bad thing about being the Allies was that ter..


They succeed in destroying the train system and trade routes and can attack the individual bases now that they can’t travel.

The allies quickly surrender through ceasefire to begin negotiations. Jess gets prepared to negotiate.

The allies are forced to unite under one government due to manipulation.

-Part 3-


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