A baby- taken from an Elfa in Stasis. The Progeny Project.

Atypical of the normal congratulations – there was nothing more three faces including the father which had little interest whatsoever.

A few magicians stood around the baby with serious looks. One of them used magic to determine the level of the baby’s magic.

The father stood behind them, “What’s the gender?” he asked out of curiosity rather than excitement.

“It’s a boy.”

The father shrugged- If the project was a success- eventually the baby would serve to foster his own abilities: but until then- after the first few years- he would have to deal with raising it. It helped knowing the gender simply for the future when he would have to be involved in the project.


“He exhibits extraordinary magic…” the wizard spoke. “It is a good sign.”

“What about his life expectancy?” the father asked.

“We cannot know yet,” a female scientist spoke, “it would help if we could measure…

“We will have at least two more years before we can measure aging.”

Two years passed.

Rod’n – aka: 3rd son – was an extreme failure.

His father looked at the boy with disdain.

Rod’n looked up to his father as the scientists finished probing him with his arms up, “daddy?” he spoke.

“You are no son of mine,” Jarin replied. When Jarin said something- people believed him. It was part of his magic.

The scientists scrapped the data. The only remaining evidence of the immortality project were the projects themselves, and Jarin.

“We’ll have to regroup,” Jarin replied to the other two. The Hunter, was coming, and all that was left were the three of them- and the failure of a project.

“What about the boy?”

“He’ll die in a hundred years- long before we do,” the man spoke. Jarin took a last look at the boy- something inside of him stirred… not love of course…greed. ‘Extreme magic’ he heard. Even if he couldn’t live long, he could make good use of the boy until then- perhaps- he could even find a way to transfer the powers. He seemed to have a thought- he waved his hand over the two others “Forget everything you’ve seen here and everything you know about me… When Corvin comes for you- you will never mention me.”

“Yes, Jarin.”

“Come along, Rod’n,” he held his hand out to the boy and the boy grabbed it.

After Jarin grabbed onto Rod’n- he picked him up and ran away from the laboratory.

A ten year old Rod’n lies sickly inside of his bed… Every once in a while his father would stop by and make use of his powers… If Rod’n didn’t want to suffer- he would acquiesce.

Rod’n understood his place.


Rod’n turns to a voice and a beautiful image of a man stands next to him.

“Who are you?”


While the boy was kept secret from the world- he was still studied.

“A demonos…”

“Yes, yes- the evil demonos” Lucifer spoke, “I have an issue with my realm and can propose to you a trade that will only benefit you and myself.”

“What is it?”

“I will grant you a means to live forever, if you can just help me with one little thing.”


Rod’n is fifteen when his father’s magic doesn’t work on him for the first time.

Something stirred in Rod’ns heart, “I’m stronger than my father…”

Even still, he would need something to help him usurp his father’s powers. Lucifer… an offer he’d rejected before came to mind. He wondered if he could make use of something now.

He hadn’t thought about how to properly use his powers – only for his father’s own benefit- but maybe… with Lucifer’s help.


“You dare betray me?!”

“Of course not father,” Rod’n speaks as he holds up a hand toward his father, Jarrod. “I’m only fulfilling your wish….completing the immortality project…”

As two great powers collided, the father could feel his consciousness slipping away…and Rod’n’s own consciousness take over his mind- Imprint- imprinting his own will upon Jarin. His entire essence vanished while Rod’n pushed his own upon Jarin’s consciousness.

It was a unique magic- the ability to turn one into two- it stemmed from Jarin’s own magic, but Rodn’s magic was more powerful.

“How do you have the power to stand?” Even still- Jarin was trying his best to fight Rod’n. It shouldn’t have been possible for Rod’n to defeat him- Rodn had a weakness that limited his powers greatly- his body couldn’t handle the strain of his own magic.

“Lucifer lent me the ability to channel magic as the source for this.”

Rod’n looked at the man who’d once been his father. He drained his father’s essence into his own body. Hybrids could only drain other hybrids… that was the problem with them- they were limited to what they were born with. His father was the most successful being in the immortality project- with the ability to live thousands of years.

He left some of the energy in his father- after all, his father had a powerful magic he could make use of – and he didn’t need it all.

Lucifer stood beside him as Rod’n took his true form- his body became strong- very strong.

Rod’n looked at his body now- he’d transformed into another being entirely. He could feel two thousand years of life enter into him. The ultimate hybrid- with genes of every powerful race: Elfa, Aqayan, Wizard, Human, Demonos.

“Hmm…” Rod’n spoke looking at himself. He would have to take another form- one that stood out less.

A twenty year old Rod’n looked into a mirror and scrolled through possible faces he could take. Eventually he settled on one that he thought would work best.

After transforming his appearance – looking at him was a new appearance…

“Well now…” A new voice spoke from inside of the mirror, “This will suffice I think…”

End Book 2